Block Amount

Last changes: 07-28-2020

With the “BlockAmount” payment type, the amount is solely blocked on the customer’s E-Wallet account and is not credited to the specified Merchant Account. At a later point in time, the amount can be released.

In the first step, the shopper would need to choose to block the amount using their E-Wallet.

In the next step, the customer enters their login credentials.

At this stage the 2-Step Verification screen will be displayed. If you have an existing user account your 2FA configuration has already been set up. (If you haven't created an user account yet, please check  the New User tab in the Standard Process section first.)

Open the Volkswagen Pay Authenticator App and get the One-Time Password code. You need to enter this code from the app to the registration process page (as showed in the screen below).

After a successful authentication, the payment confirmation page displays an overview of the payment details.

If the Account Balance does not suffice, a number of different payment options can be added to load the account balance.

The order summary lists a description of all order items with the respective amount and the resultant total amount to be paid. Additionally, a short account summary with the individual account number and the available balance is shown.

By default, the billing address is provided by the profile settings, but can be specifically adapted for a payment.

The customer can either select an already stored payment or add a new available payment option.

Until the shopper has chosen “Block the Amount”, thus confirming to block the amount in their e-wallet, they can anytime cancel the process.

In both cases they are redirected to the merchant page specified in the “callbackUrl” (see section Redirect to E-Wallet).