Last changes: 05-19-2022

This section covers how to use the Web SDK to securely collect payment option details. The Web SDK is made up of a light-weight JavaScript library and a sample HTML page using the library. This appraoch maintains a SAQ-A compliant payment-form solution while enabling you to build forward compatible web experiences which seamlessly combine your corporate identity with the required functionalities whilst adding some additional ancillary functions to ease integration.

Web SDK Content Overview

The SDK is made up of two files:

  • cwPaymentForm-X.X.X.js: Is a light-weight JavaScript library which has to be embedded on the page where the Payment Form is to be rendered;
  • cwPaymentForm-X.X.X.min.js: This is the same JavaScript Library referenced above, but Minified for better performance, recommend for Production;
  • cwPaymentForm.html: Is a sample HTML file with the Payment Form embedded and ready to try with a new authorization token at the click of a button.