Close Account

Last changes: 09-21-2022

The API method Close Account enables you closing an existing account, created previously through a checkout API call, under the provided "customerAccountId" input parameter.

API Request Parameters

Field Mandatory Description Type Length
closingReason Yes The reason why the account is being closed. String 255


Specify the customerAccountId in the URL.


DELETE {Base URL}/accounts/{customerAccountId}


Content-Type: application/json
Accept-Language: en-US

    "merchantKey": "73afeb44-432e-4b91-be37-a6b3d2fb7447",
    "closingReason": "test close account"

API Response Parameter

Response structure

Field Description Type
responseDescription Response description String
closingDate The request closing date String
closingTime The request closing time String

Response sample

    "closingDate": "2022-05-21",
    "closingTime": "164500",
    "responseDescription": "Successful execution."