Integration Prerequisites

Last changes: 10-26-2022

To integrate using SmartPay and accept payments online, please ensure the following:

1. Your project has a key account manager assigned to it.

2. You have been assigned a Payment Solutions Specialist.

3. The required payment options for your project have been aligned via the above contacts.

4. If "https://localhost.localdomain" or "http://localhost:3000" is not used for development and testing, communicate the domain being used to the Payment Solutions Specialist for configuration.

5. Latest SmartPay SDK bundle is included into your web-page:
Note: You must include the link to this file from SmartPay servers and not self-host this file.

6. To customize SmartPay, contact your Rollout Manager to align on options to adapt the SmartPay Frontend (JavaScript/CSS) Library to your brand's styling requirements.

7. You have got the latest Sandbox Merchant Key from the following page Sandbox vs. Production

8. Configure Access-Control-Allow-Origin in your web-server to allow SmartPay from to access styles and fonts from your stylesheet.