SmartPay User Journey

Last changes: 07-09-2021

SmartPay Screen Flow

All SmartPay journeys are built modularly to represent registered user and guest user journeys as well as special flows like subscription or MIT journeys.

Depending on whether a valid user account has been provided in SmartPay checkout API or in create subscription checkout API the journey will start with:

  1. Pay as a Guest Screen - for guest only journey, so if no user account id has been provided / no user program was configured.
  2. Main Screen Registered User, with no stored payment option - for registered user journeys, where the user has no previously stored payment option.
  3. Main Screen Registered User, with stored payment options available - for registered user journeys, where the user has one or more previously stored payment options.

Details for each screen are documented in the section String Mapping.

Please note: If the journey as started as registered user journey for a CIT checkout, the consumer may switch to the pay as a guest journey to complete a payment without storing payment options.