PayByLink / PayByQR

Last changes: 11-30-2022


PayByLink - PayByQR is a SmartPay functionality offering an easy payment solution with minimal integration effort.

It offers:

  • A Hosted Payment Page: where the payment and order details could be displayed and the consumer payment instrument details could be collected to process the payment accordingly.
    The collection of the payment details, could be made under the Guest flow or the Registred flow.
    Thus, this removes the need of an ecommerce web page from the Merchant end.
  • A URL and QR code, that would enable the access to the Hosted Payment Page, which could be used by you as a Merchant and communicated to the end consumers via email or SMS for example.
    These two information, are retrieved simply via one API call.
  • Customization of the Hosted Payment Page, which could be set as part of your setup, and covering:
    - Adding your logo to the page
    - Choosing the duration of the URL / QR code validity (in hours)

Please continue to our HPP integration journey for further details.

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