Create Checkout V1

Last changes: 03-08-2021

The API method Create Checkout initiates the checkout process (see Integration).

API Parameters

Field Mandatory Description Type Length
merchantKey Yes The Merchant Key is the unique identifier for your integration, keep this credential secure, do not store client side. GUID 36
payment.amount Yes The payment amount to be charged against the payment option. Decimal 18.2
payment.currencyCode Yes ISO 4217 Currency Code e.g. EUR for Euros. String 3
payment.description Yes A terse description of the good or service being sold i.e. the reason for the payment. We recommend to use ASCII characters only, all symbols out not contained in ASCII characters set are replaced by '?' sign. String 127
billingAddress.customerFullName Yes The customer’s whole name, including their first name and surname. String 201
billingAddress.emailAddress Yes The customer’s email address to which emails messages should be sent. Must be unique within the SmartPay backend systems per Payment Credential Vault. String 255
billingAddress.address Yes The city portion of the address. String 60
billingAddress.number Yes The house number portion of the billing address. String 10 Yes The city portion of the billing address. String 50
billingAddress.postCode Yes The postcode, post code, PIN or ZIP Code portion of the billing address. String 10
billingAddress.countryCode Yes ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code for countries e.g. DE for Germany String 2




POST {Base URL}/payment/creation


Content-Type: application/json
Accept-Language: en-US

    "merchantKey": "3227a1df-1033-46fd-93bd-x01777339e5b",
    "payment": {
        "amount": 2000.01,
        "currencyCode": "EUR",
        "description": "Purchase 1x product ABC"
    "billingAddress": {
        "customerFullName": "Jacob Smith",
        "emailAddress": "",
        "address": "Anystreet",
        "number": "123",
        "city": "Anycity",
        "postCode": "12345",
        "countryCode": "DE"


    "transactionId": "933a0fab-80a0-42c5-b010-c71174f4ab32",
    "paymentStatus": "CREATED"