Last changes: 02-27-2023


SmartPay Subscription Module is an end-to-end payment solution for managing recurrent MIT payments based on specific subscriptions and plans.

The Subscription Module is re-using the SmartPay payment solution which enables the acceptance of payments while maintaining PCI compliance without the need for meeting the comprehensive requirements of PCI DSS when accepting credit cards.

For more information please refer to: SmartPay Documentation

The integration takes place via the SmartPay Subscription Application Programming Interface (API) combined with the hosted SmartPay Subscription (JavaScript) Widget.

The Widget enables the registration and the storing of credit cards, SEPA and PayPal.

Following the guidance within this integration journey, developers will be able to integrate the needed code on your online web shop to make requests to the SmartPay Subscription Servers using the API and the Widget, enabling the automation of processes and customization of the way the shop interacts with the SmartPay Subscription solution.

Quick start

To start your SmartPay integration straight away, check the following pages:

  1. Integration journey: End-to-end process description of SmartPay integration
  2. Subscription APIs: APIs specifications to handle Subscription Plans and Subscriptions
  3. WebSDK documentation: Manual to integrate SmartPay Subscription JavaScript to your frontend journey