Subscription Plan

Last changes: 09-04-2023

The Subscription Plan allows you to prepare your subscription plans in an extensible and flexible way. A plan represents a provided service with specific price and optionally a Trial. 

There are 2 different types of plans currently supported:

  • Prepaid (indicated by the flag "prepaid": true) - plans charged at the beginning of a period;
  • Post-paid (indicated by the flag "prepaid": false) - plans charged at the end of a period.

Every plan has a name and description which are mandatory, not unique properties.

A plan can have a trial period (combination of trialDurationUnit and trialDurationPeriod) and has a pre-defined billing cycle (combination of billingUnit and billingOccurrence). 

Each plan has a set of "executions" or billing cycles (identified by billingCycles property). Its purpose is to define how many times a customer will be charged. 

In order to extend the plan with additional information a specific property "merchantMetadata" is added. You can store any details you would like to use/track using this parameter. 

The Subscribtion plan APIs enables also the use of the below additional features: