Last changes: 04-12-2023

The cwPaymentForm.html includes a working sample and can be used as a starting point for integration.

1. Include the JavaScript Library

To gain access to the functionalities and features of the JavaScript library, you must include it in the HTML-file.

Snippet to Reference JavaScript Library

<script src="cwPaymentForm-6.2.1.js"></script>

2. Create a Container

To securely collect payment option details from your customers, the Web SDK continues to add all elements required to collect the payment option details to your solution rather than you creating them directly. To determine where to insert these components, create an empty DOM element (a container). We recommend a DIV with a unique ID on the page where the payment form is to be rendered and the user to enter their payment option details.

Snippet of a Sample Container

<div id="container"></div>

3. Add the JavaScript Snippet

4. Payment Form Configuration