HPP Integration journey

Last changes: 12-01-2022

Process Overview

The HPP integration journey consists of four parts:

  • Provide Setup details this shall be part of your project setup, and done only once during your onboarding.
  • Request the Payment Link Creation to provide SmartPay with the basic consumer details for the payment option verification, and optionally the order details.
  • Communicate the URL and/or QR code to your end consumer 
  • Collecting the consumer’s payment option and processing the payment
  • Redirection
  • Checking the Transaction Status

Provide Setup details

Your setup details shall be provided to your dedicated Payment Solutions Specialist (for Sandbox) and to your dedicated Key Account Manager (for Production environment).
This would need to be done as part of your initial setup during the onboarding.
Further amendments needed afterwards could be communicated directly to our support teams:

  • For Sandbox: please send your request to support@vwfspay.com
  • For Production: please send your request to support-vwpayments@vwfs.com

The details we require consists of:

  • Your Logo: to be displayed on the Hosted Payment page
  • Validity duration of the payment URL: this should be specified in hours (e.g 72 hours)

Request the Payment Link Creation

To retrieve the payment URL and the QR code, you first need to call Payment Link Creation API method. 

Sample request of Payment Link Creation:



POST {Base URL}/payment-links/


Content-Type: application/json
Accept-Language: en-US

    "instantPayment": true,
    "successUrl": "https://google.com/",
    "failureUrl": "https://yahoo.com/",
    "payment": {
        "currencyCode": "EUR",
        "amount": 800,
        "description": "VWFS*SMARTPAY*01BA"
    "billingAddress": {
        "addressLine1": "Leopoldstrasse",
        "addressLine2": "line 2",
        "addressLine3": "line 3",
        "number": "244",
        "city": "Munich",
        "postCode": "80807",
        "countryCode": "DE"
        "consumer": {
      "lastName": "Johny",
      "firstName": "Doe",
      "emailAddress": "test6gN4aJIR7B@mail.com",
    "orderDetails": {
        "externalOrderReference": "Test 123",
        "orderPositions": [
                "positionNumber": 1,
                "positionType": "Physical",
                "articleId": "321456",
                "articleName": "tire 1",
                "quantity": 4,
                "netAmount": 384,
                "taxAmount": 16,
                "grossAmount": 400,
                "taxRatePercent": 4,
                "netPrice": 1536,
                "taxPrice": 64,
                "grossPrice": 1600
                "positionNumber": 2,
                "positionType": "Physical",
                "articleId": "321456",
                "articleName": "tire 2",
                "quantity": 4,
                "netAmount": 384,
                "taxAmount": 16,
                "grossAmount": 400,
                "taxRatePercent": 4,
                "netPrice": 1536,
                "taxPrice": 64,
                "grossPrice": 1600



    "id": "b2282661-3153-4450-8479-ef1c283ec5d3",
    "creationDate": "2022-11-30T17:08:33.107Z",
    "paymentUrl": "https://hpp.cons.smartpay.vwfs.io/b2282661-3153-4450-8479-ef1c283ec5d3",
    "qrCodeUrl": "https://hpp.cons.smartpay.vwfs.io/assets/359a5691-dcdd-4a12-87e6-458630e3ce46/qrCodes/b2282661-3153-4450-8479-ef1c283ec5d3.png"

Communicate the URL and/or QR code to your end consumer

After receiving the Payment URL and the QR code, you can communicate one of these or both to your end consumer.
This could be done by example vial email or SMS.

Collecting the consumer’s payment option and processing the payment

At this stage you can communicate the Payment URL and/or the QR code to your end consumer.

Once the end consumer, clicks on the link, or scans the QR code, they would be redirected to our Hosted Payment Page.

There is two modes of the Hosted Payment page as shown on the below (depending on the value sent on the API parameter "instantPayment"):


Instant Payment

In this view, both the order details and the payment details are shown in the same time. 
The payment processing takes place also on the same page.



Non Instant Payment

In this flow, the first page would be displaying the order details and the payment total amount.
After confirming the order, by clicking on "Proceed to Payment", the second page would be displayed, to provide the payment details or choose a stored payment option to continue with the payment processing.
This latest depends on the flow you have chosen "Guest" or "Registred"(based on providing or omitting the API input parameter "cutomerAccountId")



Afterwards, the end consumer would be redirected to the success or failure page you have provided, depending on the outcome of the payment processing.

Checking the Transaction Status

As a Merchant, you can check the status of the latest Transaction linked to the Payment Link/QR code, by calling the Get Payment Link Details API.

Please note that the "latestTransactionId" received on the response, could be used to call the Get Payment Status API, in order to retrieve the transaction's full set of information.

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