Create Network Token API

Last changes: 03-21-2023

Create Network Token API method initiates the process of token provisioning (see Network Tokens Integration Process).

API Parameters

Field Mandatory Description Type Length  
integrationFlow Yes Set 'payment-form' to leave PAN and other card details collection on SmartPay, see Network Token WebSDK. Or 'direct' if PAN is collected by you own (PCI-DSS Level 1 is required). If "direct" provided, then a token will be immediately generated. String 20  
accountReferenceId Yes Identifier of the customer account in merchant's system, if applicable. Otherwise, random unique value to be provided. Uuid    
accountCategory Yes Constant value 'EWalletUser' String 30  
currencyCode Yes Three-characters currency code of the currency that will be used to perform 3DS authentication (only). Does not restrict the currencies of further payments. String 3  
billingAddress Yes Billing address of the consumer. Address Object  
shippingAddress No Shipping address of the consumer. Address Object  
consumer Yes Consumer's personal information. Person Object  




POST {Base URL}/network-tokens


Content-Type: application/json
Accept-Language: en-US

    "integrationFlow": "payment-form",
    "accountReferenceId": "751a0ecc-f672-402b-b989-696cec677f80",
    "accountCategory": "EWalletUser",
    "currencyCode": "EUR",
    "billingAddress": {
        "addressLine1": "56733 Dashawn Terrace.",
        "addressLine2": "9670 Heaney Shores",
        "city": "North Brant",
        "countryCode": "DE",
        "number": "44",
        "postCode": "825654",
        "homePhone": "586658458"
    "shippingAddress": {
        "addressLine1": "66536 Sydney Row.",
        "city": "Lake Flavio",
        "countryCode": "DE",
        "number": "44",
        "postCode": "482603",
        "homePhone": "731332"
    "consumer": {
        "dateOfBirth": "1986-03-11",
        "title": "Mr",
        "mobilePhone": "7116",
        "culture": "de-DE",
        "firstName": "Mia",
        "lastName": "Conroy",
        "emailAddress": ""


    "tokenId": "fb80458c-82ad-4abb-9e96-fc7d0a8b3d59",
    "createdAt": "2023-03-21T13:57:03.138Z",
    "updatedAt": "2023-03-21T13:57:03.138Z",
    "authorizationId": "b50938f6-3f6b-4716-a173-6fe726a1db31",
    "externalMerchantId": "9ff980b6-1fc6-4b61-9957-f8655b04cd9d",
    "status": "PENDING_PAYMENT_FORM"

Response on failure

Status Code:

400 (Bad Request)


Content-Type: application/json
Accept-Language: en-US

    "message": [
        "accountReferenceId must be a string",
        "accountReferenceId should not be empty",
        "accountCategory must be one of the following values: EWalletUser, Guest",
        "accountCategory should not be empty"