Get Network Token API

Last changes: 03-27-2023

Get Network Token Status

The Network Tokenization SDK as a result of form rendering returns the result of the token provisioning in promise object when the render function was executed. The promise can be handled by the integrator in order to do any additional steps. This should be the trigger for your server (backend) to call the SmartPay API method Get Token to verify the status of the provisioned token as depicted in the example below.



GET {Base URL}/network-tokens/{tokenId}


Content-Type: application/json
Accept-Language: en-US


    "tokenId": "e50a05f6-8e11-4409-a3bd-cda5a30e0e62",
    "createdAt": "2023-03-21T11:58:57.463Z",
    "updatedAt": "2023-03-21T11:59:40.305Z",
    "authorizationId": "2dd604ca-37a8-44dc-8ea0-256b86f85a48",
    "tokenReferenceIdentifier": "fedd8f16-d92b-495b-bec6-b9ec4e58b9b3",
    "externalMerchantId": "9ff980b6-1fc6-4b61-9957-f8655b04cd9d",
    "status": "ACTIVE",
    "networkToken": {
        "extIdentifier": "adbd5fe3-58ac-4569-b0c0-17398b5fc03a",
        "tokenExpiryMonth": "01",
        "tokenExpiryYear": "24",
        "tokenNumber": "4125071111112119"
    "tokenizedCardData": {
        "accountHolderReferenceId": "ec7b936f-dcda-49ec-a186-3c17b6008392",
        "expiryMonth": "01",
        "expiryYear": "24",
        "brand": "VISA",
        "last4Digits": "1111"

Evaluate the response parameter "status" which should be:

  • "ACTIVE" if the token has been provisioned successfully and became available for payments
  • "ERROR" if the token provisioning has failed

Network token is returned in the field networkToken\tokenNumber. Can be used for cryptogram requesting during the payments.

tokenNumber, tokenReferenceIdentifier and tokenId must be stored for further requests or webhooks processing.